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Vision and Purpose
Areas of Specialty

What is counseling ?


Counseling is a partnership


My part is to be your personal guide on your journey to discover and claim your true self,

the person that the God of your understanding intends for you to be.

Wherever  you are on that journey, that is where we begin.


If you are stuck, I first help you to acknowledge that. If you are moving too fast and there is no sense of fulfillment or peace,  together we accept that reality before deciding  where change may be needed. Feeling exposed, vulnerable, out of control ?  I offer you a safe haven from which to explore your options. Most significantly, I help you to discover and mobilize the wisdom, agency and gifts that you already have.


Your part is easy at first:  identify the  problem as you see it. Gradually I encourage  you to explore the hidden obstacles that keep the problem entrenched. The task is then to implement a combination clinically proven interventions and the power of your own spiritual endowments to challenge and remove those obstacles. In addressing one problem you may gain the competency to address many others and ultimately  reclaim the perspective we all once had as children,  that life's challenges need not be impdediments,  but rather gifts of opportunity in the art of becoming a person who naturally brings joy, affirmation, and love to others.


I am here to guide and encourage you to become a clear-eyed steward and ultimately a master of your life's direction and of love-affirming relationships.



Marital and Pre-marital

Rarely do we question an intimate bond in the lovely glow of its early stages. As we grow and mature, however, such relationships are meant to challenge us and to reveal areas of personal growth that need our awareness and participation. These can be quite challenging and confusing.

I have the greatest respect for couples who come for help to gain the clarity needed to protect and nurture the health of their most significant relationship.


• Family

As the health of the family goes, so goes the health of the world. Hyperbole ? No, I think that's right. Our Families and primary care-givers provide our first and most indelible impressions of who we are and how we relate to others. Developing our understanding of the role we were assigned in our familiy of origin helps us to understand the impact we have on our spouse and on our children. What better investment than that to improve the quality of life for you and your loved ones?


• Individual

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